New Life Small Groups Vision – Marketing Your Small Group

For this week’s blog, we are reposting an article that was originally posted on January 30, 2017.  As Small Group leaders, it is important that you understand both the churches role and yours in helping people become aware of your group and how they can get connect there to.  As you read, and as you prepare to begin this fall trimester, please know that you are being prayed for, as well as the members of your Small Group. Thank you for leading and discipling our church family.  Here is how Small Groups are marketed at New Life Church…

 “Spiritual goals can be achieved only by spiritual people who use spiritual methods.”

– Oswald Sanders

I have heard it said that we must “fight fire with fire.”  But you know what happens when fire is used to fight fire?  You get more fire.  It just keeps burning and devastating everything in its path.  It builds on itself and becomes more and more destructive.  If you want to fight fire, you have to use the most appropriate method of extinguishing fire, something that has the opposite effect of burning and destroying.  Continue reading “New Life Small Groups Vision – Marketing Your Small Group”

New Life Groups Vision: The Frame Work

Other than the foundation, the next most important part of a home is its frame.  Without the frame, there would be nothing to support the walls or roof of a house.  The frame is the skeletal system of a house and is what provides structure and covering to the remaining elements.  Once the frame is in place, the utilities and the protective outer coverings can be added along with the doors and windows in their proper locations.  Then, the beautification process can begin – painting, flooring, furnishings, and décor.  Once all is in place, the house becomes a fully useful place to live our lives and spend our time, a place to rest, and to play, a place to laugh, and to cry.  The house becomes a home.

Like a house, New Life Groups needs a framework, something that will provide the structure and support that will ensure that we who serve within its walls are safe, are healthy, and are comfortable – able to take aim at our intended purpose. Continue reading “New Life Groups Vision: The Frame Work”

New Life Groups Vision: The Center of the Target

As we come closer to beginning the new Groups season and launching the Fall trimester on September 4th, I wanted to take a couple of weeks and share the vision of the New Life Church Groups Ministry.  As we continue to grow and develop this ministry, it is highly important that we all understand what our purpose is in leading small groups.  As we all grow in this understanding it will help us to grow and operate in unity by ensuring we are all on the same path and speaking the same language. Continue reading “New Life Groups Vision: The Center of the Target”

Becoming Those Things

“…to the extent that you and I surround ourselves with friends who are teachable, who are loving, who desire discipline, and who are committed to spiritual growth, we’ll become those things.”

– Pastor Brady Boyd [Speak Life]

Kids are so innocent, and there are few things I enjoy more than witnessing young-ones living out their innocent imaginative realities.  These are truly beautiful and God infused moments.  What shows the love and personality of God more than a child at play, without a care in the world.  His design is all over them as they playout the dreams He has placed in their hearts.  To them, life is all about that one moment in time.  Nothing else exists but the adventure they are playing out in their minds.  They are the hero, the princess, the character they believe, without a doubt, they will one day become.  If we need a sight for sore eyes, I believe we have one in the therapeutic reflection of youthful recreation.  Not much else can deflate nerves and anxieties like an innocent child operating in oblivious wonder, unaware of our world’s painful distresses. Continue reading “Becoming Those Things”