Instituting a Healthy and Unified Plan and Vision

“Where there is no revelation, people cast off restraint; but blessed is the

one who heeds wisdom’s instruction.” – Proverbs 29:18

Finding a needle in a haystack really wouldn’t be that difficult if there was a team oriented strategy involved.  Certainly, the challenge of finding such a small item in the midst of an overwhelming chaotic mess would remain.  However, if a team were willing to investigate the circumstances, consider their realistic options, identify the most appropriate tools, and formulate a workable and well communicated plan, then finding that needle may not be as difficult as history has suggested.  I certainly do not think it to be an impossibility.

That being said, Jesus taught that “…with God all things are possible,” but with man…not so much (Matt. 19:26).  Therefore, though a good plan is always most appropriate, having one does not necessarily guarantee success.  When the Almighty is added to the equation, however, the success rate skyrockets to one-hundred percent – assuming, of course, the plan is in line with His will.

My point in saying all this is that as Section and Group leaders, we must have a plan, or vision, that we all understand, and it must include the One we are serving.  Whether we are talking about an individual section or small group, or we are discussing the entirety of these ministries, if we are not unified in our actions and following God’s lead in the process, then we will encounter major obstacles along the way or even fail altogether.  Success depends on an organized and unifying plan that is centered upon God’s heart for His sons and daughters.

In the coming weeks, and as we inch closer to the fall trimester, the Section Community and Groups plan, the visions by which both operate, will be communicated to our congregation through a number of forums (electronic media, old fashion paper and ink, and through good ole face to face communication).  In so doing, it is the goal of the pastoral leadership team at New Life Church, that these plans, along with all other ministry oriented strategies, are graced with God’s blessing, are geared toward His glory, and are carried out by His faithful people.  Therefore, we ask that each leader take time in the coming weeks to do a few things.

First, please join with us as we pray for God’s will to be worked out in our church and in our community through the plans we are instituting.  Faith filled prayer is the most effective tool that we have.  The more we pray, the more we can ensure that our vision is in line with God’s heart and will, and that the enemy is unsuccessful in his desire to hinder and harm.

Second, take time to know and align yourself with these plans.  Make sure that you understand your specific role(s).  Educating yourself before stepping out into your endeavor is highly important.  If you have uncertainties, reach out to the leaders who provide oversight and covering for you and ask questions.  They will be grateful for it and will love the opportunity to continue building a relationship with you.

Third, share the plans and vision with those around you.  You know your sphere of influence and you know the best way to reach the people there within.  Ensure that those who function under your Christ centered leadership are aware of what Section Community and Groups are all about.  Exemplify it to them and encourage them to follow your lead.

God is working in and through our church, and as a result there is much to be excited about in this coming season.  Pastor Brady has shared many times over this past year, that it is the churches job to equip the saints for the work of the ministry (Eph. 4:12).  By successfully carrying out our plans and vision for Section Community and New Life Groups this fall, we will do just that.  We will continue building a healthy culture of worshiping, connecting, and serving together.  We will ensure others are able to grow and mature in their faith through strong and healthy discipleship.  And, we will glorify God as we care for His people, and as they in turn use and build upon their spiritual gifts, bringing Godly impact to their own spheres of influence.

The plan is in place.  The vision is being casted.  It is now time to unify our efforts, dive into the hay, and go get that needle.

Together we can help others Go Deeper and Grow Stronger


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