New Life Groups: Sharing Our Stories

Scripture tells us in the book of Revelation (12:11) that God’s faithful find victory over the enemy through the fearless and honest sharing of the powerful and redemptive work of Christ’s blood in the church and in the lives of His saints. “They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death.”

It is important that we not only do the work of the church but we also should openly and fearlessly share the stories of what God is doing through that work. In recent blog posts I have shared that a successful Groups ministry requires healthy discipleship through strong leadership, relational intentionality, the purposeful pursuit of God through prayer, and operating in the power of Christ’s resurrection. As we do this in faith, we will begin to see God’s work on display and there will be amazing stories to tell as a result. In fact, I am certain there are stories, even now, that we can begin to share. These stories serve not only as evidence of what God has done, but they also help us see what He can continue to do – serving as a powerful spiritual weapon that builds faith, and destroys the work of darkness.


Group Leaders, you are on the frontlines of God’s ministry to our church family and to the community to which we live. This means we need to hear from you. If we are going to truly see the Kingdom of God on display – salvations won, lives changed, marriages restored, diseases healed, among many other miracles of Heaven – then we need to share what we are seeing and experiencing. If our city is going to shine the brightness of Jesus’s countenance, then we need to proclaim with a voice of triumph, the loving actions of our powerful, caring, and life-giving Savior.


Through this blog, through email, through training sessions, through Sunday services, and through other events and mediums we would love to share with others what God is doing through you and your groups. The greatest measuring tool of a ministries success is the ever-increasing number of stories expressing God’s life giving activity in action. Therefore, share those stories often, with friends, family members, acquaintances, and with other leaders. Share your stories with your section leaders, hosts, and members during section parties. Share your stories with your ministry leaders. Share them with as many people as you can. We certainly ask you to share them with us here in Groups Ministries. Give us a call or email your stories. Come visit with us over a cup of coffee or lunch and let us know how God is working in the lives of your group members. As we gather these stories we will ensure they are being redistributed and shared among the rest of our church family so that through the blood of the Lamb and through the word of our testimony we all will overcome.


Go Deeper – Grow Stronger

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