The Faith, Hope, and Love of a Christian Leader

“And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”

– 1 Corinthians 13:13

Leadership is a topic of deep conversation, debate, and strong opinion within our culture today.  Many believe that leadership is about demanding results.  Others feel it is an art of persuasion.  Some think leadership is about power and dominance.  Still others feel that leadership is simply an expression of intellect.  And to some degree or another, there is a place for all of this within leadership – minus the dominance, that is.  A good leader does produce consistent results, has a strong gift of persuasion, knows how to yield power, and carries influential intelligence.  Leadership, however, goes a bit deeper than all this.  As believers, through the gift of scripture, we have access to what the One who personifies true leadership says about it, and thus, the Christian leader efforts to add His characteristics to their life.

There are many passages we could focus on, or dive into.  For now, I’d like to lean upon the words of the Apostle Paul found in the love chapter, 1 Corinthians 13.  This famous chapter of scripture concludes with one of the more well-known verses, and in it, the Apostle Paul shares with us three major words; faith, hope, and love.  Though one would not normally attach these words to leadership, I do believe that they are foundational for those who lead within the Christian faith.

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I Have Nothing, Father

“’Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the LORD Almighty.” – Zechariah 4:6

How often have you felt incapable, out of place, lacking strength or knowledge or wisdom or courage?  How often have you felt insecure, and tired?  Have you ever felt lost, blank-minded, and empty?  Have you ever felt that you had no vision for a particular moment or season of life?  Have you ever simply said, “I have nothing, Father.”

It amazes me that despite all my experiences with God, all the times He has come through for me, or others around me, that I can still find myself in this very place – lacking faith, and feeling that the tools He has given me to navigate my daily life are locked away in some dark backwoods shed along with the key to access them.  I am dumbfounded by the fact that I can ever think that the God and Creator of the universe is somehow on the opposite end of that universe – too far for me to reach Him, or Him me?  I know this not to be true of the God I serve, but yet I still find myself in these places from time to time, often allowing my emotional state, and the knowledge of my own inadequacies, to dictate my actions and suffocate my knowledge of the faithful One.  Though I can feel alone in this issue, I am aware that this is actually a corporate struggle within the Church. Continue reading “I Have Nothing, Father”

Becoming Those Things

“…to the extent that you and I surround ourselves with friends who are teachable, who are loving, who desire discipline, and who are committed to spiritual growth, we’ll become those things.”

– Pastor Brady Boyd [Speak Life]

Kids are so innocent, and there are few things I enjoy more than witnessing young-ones living out their innocent imaginative realities.  These are truly beautiful and God infused moments.  What shows the love and personality of God more than a child at play, without a care in the world.  His design is all over them as they playout the dreams He has placed in their hearts.  To them, life is all about that one moment in time.  Nothing else exists but the adventure they are playing out in their minds.  They are the hero, the princess, the character they believe, without a doubt, they will one day become.  If we need a sight for sore eyes, I believe we have one in the therapeutic reflection of youthful recreation.  Not much else can deflate nerves and anxieties like an innocent child operating in oblivious wonder, unaware of our world’s painful distresses. Continue reading “Becoming Those Things”

Our Obedience – God’s Response

“Sometimes, Damon, you just have to take the step.” This one sentence changed the trajectory of my life back in the year 2000. It was spoken by a pastor and friend of mine who was sharing his story with me in relation to what I was sharing with him. At that time I was a very juvenile twenty-three year old with no real understanding of the real world. I lacked knowledge and experience, had been married for less than two years, and was a brand-new dad. To say the least, my head was spinning, especially as my wife expressed her strong desire to be home with our newly minted little one. She had made this known to me in the months predating his birth and reminded me often in the months that postdated his arrival. However, I knew that I could not support the three of us with my work alone. Without her employment, we would lose more than half our income and our benefits to boot. In my young and immature faith, I had no capacity for understanding God’s power and ability, or the way in which He responds to the obedience of His sons and daughters.

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