WHY and WHAT in Sections

Healthy teams. If you’ve been around “Section World” for any length of time, you’ve likely heard us use those words on more than one occasion. As we’ve been observing 28 different sections over the last two years, we’ve noticed one very important factor common to successful sections and that one factor is TEAM.

As a leader in a Section, you CAN’T lead your section alone. What does that look like practically? During any given Sunday, one person is likely to be able to interact with three different people — one before, one during, and one after the service. With most Sections having seating for 250 people, one person isn’t very effective at connecting with that many people. Over the span of one year, you still would only be able to connect with 150 of those individuals.. Leaders need a team of people to help in connecting with those within their Sections.

As leaders attempting to connect, care, and invite each week, we need others to join us. Ultimately, having a team of 20 people with the same goal of connecting, caring, and inviting will be able to reach 60 people on a given Sunday rather than 3, and at the end of the year, we could have collectively engaged in 3,000 conversations.  The need for a team doesn’t end there. 1 Corinthians 12:12-31 indicates that every part of the body is important. Each of us bring our own unique gift, and we need each other to complete the body. We can’t be healthy as individuals in completing the task before us. It requires a team effort to be healthy and accomplish what God has called us to do in Sections.

This sounds wonderful, but how do we practically build these healthy teams. As Section Leaders leading a team of volunteers, there are a couple of things that I think will help. Continue reading “WHY and WHAT in Sections”

Section Parties: Food Themes

Let’s be honest: one of the best things about Section parties is the food.

A great way to get people excited to contribute a dish to your party is to have a food theme. People seem to have more motivation if they are working within a given theme. You help to narrow down the limitless options into a more realistic list of ideas, AND you make sure everyone feels a part of the event.

Here are a few examples of themes, and how to invite others to participate:

Mexican food. This is usually a crowd pleaser. Enchilada casserole, crock pot barbacoa, taquitos, or a personal favorite — sopapilla cheesecake. Even for those who don’t know a spatula from a spork, they’ll have the option to bring chips and salsa. Continue reading “Section Parties: Food Themes”

Connect, Care, and Invite

Large churches can be the most challenging places for people to connect with others. That seems ironic, since there are so many people with whom to connect each week. The truth is, however, large crowds can be very intimidating when you don’t know anyone in the room. This is one of the primary reasons we established Section Community at New Life Church.

The purpose of Sections is to facilitate the connecting of people in biblical community. That begins when people experience a warm and welcoming environment in the section where they sit. Every Section has at least one leader and a team of hosts and it is important that they are pastoral. They do that by connecting, caring, and inviting every time we gather to worship and study the scriptures together.  Continue reading “Connect, Care, and Invite”

Building A Host Team

Being a Section Leader does not have to be hard, but it does have to be intentional.

The primary purpose of Sections is to facilitate the connecting of people in biblical community. There are 150-200 seats in each of our Sections and, believe it or not, that is a little larger than the average size church in America today. No Section Leader, however talented or experienced they may be, is able to adequately serve that size congregation alone. Therefore, the key to successfully creating healthy Section community is through a strong team of Section Hosts.

In order to accomplish our mission of biblical community, Section Leaders and Hosts need to be pastoral. This is primarily accomplished when everyone on the team is intentional to connect, care, and invite each week.
Section Hosts are so vitally important. Here are some key strategies to successfully build a strong team:

  1. Pray for faithful men and women to sense the Holy Spirit leading them to serve.
  2. Look for those who regularly attend church (3 out of 4 weeks per month), arrive early to service, and linger afterward to fellowship with others.
  3. Let them know how you have observed them and ask them to join you in your efforts each week to create community in your section.
  4. Ask your friends and people you know who are pastoral — whether they are an extrovert or introvert — to join you in serving your Section.
  5. Lead by example. Do the things you ask and expect of your Hosts.
  6. Serve your Hosts the way you want them to serve members of your Section. Pray for them, encourage and support them any way you are able.
  7. Celebrate the success of your team by sharing testimonies of what God has done in and through them.

You will be amazed at the sense of fulfillment you experience as a leader when you consistently serve others together with a strong Host team.

Remember: it does not have to be hard, but it does have to be intentional.