Marketing Your Group

“Spiritual goals can be achieved only by spiritual people who use spiritual methods.”

Oswald Sanders


I have heard it said that we must “fight fire with fire.” But you know what happens when fire is used to fight fire? You get more fire. It just keeps burning and devastating everything in its path. It builds on itself and becomes more and more destructive. If you want to fight fire, you have to use the most appropriate method of extinguishing fire, something that has the opposite effect of burning and destroying.

In our world we have a lot of activity vying for our attention. Everywhere we go we see advertisements. Turn on the T.V., there is a commercial. Drive down the road, there is a billboard. Open a magazine in a waiting room or on a plane, and there is an ad. If there is one thing the world is good at, it’s grabbing our attention and causing us to give our time and energy to those things that satisfy our senses. So, as we prepare to start our New Life Church Groups there are some looming questions. “How in the world do we compete with all this? How do we get people to come and participate in our groups when they have so much more to pay attention to?” Continue reading “Marketing Your Group”