So How Do I Lead My First Group Meeting?

It’s your first group meeting. The thought of leading that first gathering can be intimidating even for the most seasoned group leader. Here are some helpful hints that might make those first encounters with a new group of folks just  a little less awkward.

Before the Meeting

  • Communicate. Make sure and communicate with everyone reminding them of the meeting. This may be via phone, email, text, Facebook or whatever means you will establish as the best way to communicate with your group. Make sure to include the day, time, and address. You may want to include directions if everyone doesn’t know the location.
  • Plan for some food. You might want to include the three C’s — chips, cookies, and caffeine. Think something salty, something sweet, and something good to drink. If that something good to drink includes caffeine, people are more likely to stay awake!
  • Pray for your group. If you know who will be joining you, pray for each by name. Pray that the group will be open to experience relationship with each other and with Christ.
  • Have name tags for everyone. This isn’t a required piece but will help new people get to know the others in the group.

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