New Life Groups: Sharing Our Stories

Scripture tells us in the book of Revelation (12:11) that God’s faithful find victory over the enemy through the fearless and honest sharing of the powerful and redemptive work of Christ’s blood in the church and in the lives of His saints. “They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death.”
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Marketing Your Group

“Spiritual goals can be achieved only by spiritual people who use spiritual methods.”

Oswald Sanders


I have heard it said that we must “fight fire with fire.” But you know what happens when fire is used to fight fire? You get more fire. It just keeps burning and devastating everything in its path. It builds on itself and becomes more and more destructive. If you want to fight fire, you have to use the most appropriate method of extinguishing fire, something that has the opposite effect of burning and destroying.

In our world we have a lot of activity vying for our attention. Everywhere we go we see advertisements. Turn on the T.V., there is a commercial. Drive down the road, there is a billboard. Open a magazine in a waiting room or on a plane, and there is an ad. If there is one thing the world is good at, it’s grabbing our attention and causing us to give our time and energy to those things that satisfy our senses. So, as we prepare to start our New Life Church Groups there are some looming questions. “How in the world do we compete with all this? How do we get people to come and participate in our groups when they have so much more to pay attention to?” Continue reading “Marketing Your Group”

WHY and WHAT in Sections

Healthy teams. If you’ve been around “Section World” for any length of time, you’ve likely heard us use those words on more than one occasion. As we’ve been observing 28 different sections over the last two years, we’ve noticed one very important factor common to successful sections and that one factor is TEAM.

As a leader in a Section, you CAN’T lead your section alone. What does that look like practically? During any given Sunday, one person is likely to be able to interact with three different people — one before, one during, and one after the service. With most Sections having seating for 250 people, one person isn’t very effective at connecting with that many people. Over the span of one year, you still would only be able to connect with 150 of those individuals.. Leaders need a team of people to help in connecting with those within their Sections.

As leaders attempting to connect, care, and invite each week, we need others to join us. Ultimately, having a team of 20 people with the same goal of connecting, caring, and inviting will be able to reach 60 people on a given Sunday rather than 3, and at the end of the year, we could have collectively engaged in 3,000 conversations.  The need for a team doesn’t end there. 1 Corinthians 12:12-31 indicates that every part of the body is important. Each of us bring our own unique gift, and we need each other to complete the body. We can’t be healthy as individuals in completing the task before us. It requires a team effort to be healthy and accomplish what God has called us to do in Sections.

This sounds wonderful, but how do we practically build these healthy teams. As Section Leaders leading a team of volunteers, there are a couple of things that I think will help. Continue reading “WHY and WHAT in Sections”

The Image of a Small Group

“…He (Peter) went to the house of Mary the mother of John, also called Mark, where many people had gathered and were praying.” – Acts 12:12

Preparing for and walking through transition can be a fearful matter. For me, as I prepared to transition into the Community Department after spending nearly eighteen years in the Hospitality Department, fear was attempting to creep in.

I have walked through transitions before, and in so doing I have gained the experience of knowing what the Lord might do to ensure His glorious fingerprints are all over the process. Yet, in this instance, I felt my finite flesh attempting to overpower my faith and replace it with nervousness, discomfort, and doubt.

As the day of transition approached and as I prayerfully waited for God’s input, I seemed to increase my own anxiety over what to do by doing what I aught not to do – over-think everything. Then, at the height of my uncertainty and in His perfect timing, our most amazing and gracious Father did what He does best. He spoke life. Continue reading “The Image of a Small Group”