Webinar Survey

On October 24th the New Life Church Community Department will be hosting a Groups Mid-Trimester Training Webinar. The purpose of this webinar is to inform, encourage, and support each Group leader. Our goal is to provided updates on the Groups ministry, share helpful insight, answer questions, and address concerns that may have come to the surface since the beginning of this fall trimester. Therefore, in order to help us prepare and to ensure we cover topics that are relevant to what our leaders need, would you please take a few minutes and compete this short survey?



Thank you so much for taking the time to complete this survey. We cannot say enough how appreciative we are of each leader and their willingness to serve God and His church through small group ministry. It is our heart to support you in any way that we can, to ensure groups are functioning in biblical health, and to see the people of our congregations and our communities moving closer to Christ through the discipleship that each leader brings.